Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is round the corner! It's a time to give and receive!

While I was attending my nth Christmas party, a wish list gradually started forming in my mind cluttered with choir practices, shopping lists, Christmas programs and the works. I Know, I know, I am too old for the traditional stocking, but hey there is a child in every one of us so keeping in line with that splendid thought… Santa, here’s my very simple list for Christmas…

- My childhood/baby pictures (I don’t have a single one :( )
- To hear my little sister’s laughter on Christmas morn (This is one of those years when I am not joining family for Christmas, *Sigh*)
- The Hugo Boss ‘Deep Red’ perfume (That I know may not be a very simple wish item , but I am hoping my generous brother gets one for me when he visits India this year.. after all that’s what elder brothers are for right ;>)
- A chance to grab a backpack and travel across the world meeting new people, listening and recalling their stories.
- My green hooded sweater, I lost in a greenroom while I was hosting an event a few years ago.
- The 7 cellphones I lost! (I know some of you must be rolling with laugher on this one, but hey it’s a wish list)
- One good meal cooked by my mom made of Varan-Bhat, baingan ka bharta and bhendi chi bhaaji
- A chance to meet Rahul Gandhi (We shared the same room space at the IISC young professionals conference, but sadly he was and is still unaware of my existence, sob sob)
- A good tailor! (The last good one I had moved across the town! Why does this happen to Me!)
- My collection of trophies I won in my college days, which lies neglected somewhere at my sister’s friends place in Belgaum ( I would love to have a look at them and relive those amazing moments)
- My own private library with loads and loads of books! (I am actually drooling right now)

- And last but not least some TIME for myself which I can spend in that library !

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