Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Christmas Miracle

Last Sunday I experienced a miracle! Yeah you heard it right...A miracle... I call it my Christmas Miracle and what was that miracle thou asketh me... Well, I met a great auto fella who was extremely good unlike the rest of his malevolent tribe!

Those who travel regularly by auto will understand the point I am trying to make. It easier to find rain in Rajasthan than a good auto person whose aim in life is not to con you out of your hard earned money (I am hoping my boss will agree to the latter part).

Anyways, last Saturday the impossible happened. I finally managed to meet a good one.

It so happened, I was invited to a Barbeque party on Sunday evening and by a stroke of bad fortune, I managed to lose my cell phone on Saturday at a Christmas Concert. Which effectively meant I could not contact half of the people I know, as I am terrible at remembering phone numbers?
Thankfully, I had the address and my friend’s number scribbled in my pocket notepad. I hailed the auto person who agreed to take me to HSR. But after going in circles for 30 mins, we still couldn’t find the place. He suggested I call my friend, but I told him I didn’t have a mobile. Then he did something unbelievable, He took out his own cell phone and offered it to me to make the call. After my friend instructed him drop me at a place known to him, he dropped me with an apology for his inability to take me to the right place.

I was still standing in stunned acceptance of the whole thing, when my friend came and whisked me off to the party place. The whole evening, passed in pleasant recollection of the whole experience.

Isn’t it great...? This Christmas thing!?


MICHAEL said...

Merry Christmas! This is a Gr8 story! a miracle indeed Neha!

Neha said...

@Michael- Yeah it is , aint't it ?

MICHAEL said...

It sure is Neha!