Monday, November 30, 2009

Gate crashing a state dinner

So the Salahis' gate-crashed Obama’s State dinner?! Big deal!

Our politicians and celebrities back home have been gate-crashing not only private parties (How do you think Vivek Oberoi feeds himself ?) but numerous other social events without anyone raising an eyebrow and the MNS are not just gate-crashing but also crashing tables and chairs and human heads among other things.

It was the Salahis' impudent bid for fame so let’s give it to them. After all, it’s not really their fault that the security had loopholes and they managed to grab their chance of a lifetime. In fact, I think the ones most surprised must be the Salahis' themselves. I am sure they never dreamt they’d make it to the tent on the South Lawn of the White House, leave aside the president himself.

Well, they got their fame (or notoriety), their dollars (if they get the six-figure they are quoting for their first network television interview) or prosecution (if the secret service or senators decide to press charges).

We are unsure what happens to the Salahis' next, but some of the things that are bound to happen are:

-This incident having inspired many small time gate-crashers to think ‘big’ will result in a sudden surge of gate-crashes from a regional level to international level
-Ram Gopal Verma will want to visit the tent on the South Lawn of the White House to see if he can use it for his next movie.
-Osama Bin Laden will contemplate doing away with his beard and coloring his hair blond to try sneaking into the White House
-The morale of the Indian Police will be lifted (who said they are better than us! Amriki-hindi bhai bhai!)
-Obama will write another book called simply ‘The audacity’

So in a way this was an interesting experience for many.

The only person feeling sore about the whole thing is Manmohan Singh; His thunder was once again stolen by a ‘foreigner’!

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TheMoney's Market said...

i find ur read interesting! U might not find mine.

Neha said...

@MM- It's pretty good..though I must admit I don't have a penchant for numbers.. Keep going !