Monday, August 16, 2010

Badlav - The Change

The poem below is written by a collegue and a friend who due to his modesty refuses to let me put his name on this blog , so let's just call him SG.

This poem owes its existence to a situation where another of our collegue was moving out of the company and was expressing a myriad of emotions he was experiencing. SG manages to capture these raw emotions and convert them into a fine poem that reflects the inevitable thing in life - Change !

So take a dekko at this beautiful poem 'Badlav'. Its in a JPEG format so you may experience a little difficulty in reading it. But it's worth the effort !


Horizon said...

Yeh hai apne karam,
kabhi khushi kabhi gham,
Yeh hai badlav ke Niyam,
Kabhi jhayda kabhi kam,
Adjustment karle hum,
Varna there's no fun,
Karu mera comment khatam.....

On a serious note, Maar--villaaas.
Good read

Neha said...

@Horizon- Wow ,we have another poet in the making ! Thanks for very interesting comment !

Horizon said...

Thank you...thank you.