Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Road Less Travelled….( My Yours Truly Theater workshop experience)

Wrote this bit for my theater workshop testimony ..Since my blog was not updated since ages decided to break the silence with this one... Yours Truly theater is a great place to be .... check out the link to know more (

How do you answer the audition question, ‘What’s the most unconventional thing you have done?’
I scan my brain and wonder if ‘sleep walking through my weekly review meetings ‘made a suitable answer, then realized they meant unconventional not regular.

Finally I mumble,’ I am in a choir’

I get a few blank looks (accompanied by some furious thinking behind that blank look that said ‘Huh? ‘)

Surprisingly I made it through .I should have known better….

YT is all about being unconventional!

So, whether it’s a dignified IT professional depicting a cow dung or a bank employee exploring the evolution of a bird or an engineering student acting as a jewel thief (no, not the Dev Anand variety- Just FYI, film references are frowned upon here. This is pure unadulterated THEATER), there is eccentricity in everything.

I have always wondered, what’s it about theater performers that makes them different from the zillion other actors we see on TV or the silver screen. At YT, I found my answer in a single word ‘Passion’.

It’s great to see people with undiluted passion for acting combined with a desire to do something different.

At YT, I learnt it’s not about ability but availability and humility, which is a great way for any workshop to function. So, even if I were the worst actor on stage, (A poll across the batch might just confirm my claims), I still had folks telling me I did great.

It’s about having fun, about quelling your embarrassment of looking silly and most importantly about unlocking yourself. It’s about getting back to that place where making funny noises and faces was still cool.

It’s about being yourself!

When great ideas, great people and unparalleled passion cross roads – something’s bound to happen!

And like Robert Frost my favorite poet one said I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference!


Serendipity said...

Ive been to a couple of their plays , the common man and one more.Very interesting and interactive..did mean to join the workshop but work came up!

Karthik Prasad said...

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Anonymous said...

Finally i got time to read your blog. Anyways belated b'day wishes :)

Anonymous said...

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