Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shifting houses and a discovery

I recently shifted places, moved from my PG accommodation to a shared flat.

I came to Bangalore with a huge suitcase, 3 bags and a guitar.

Today I have 1 huge suitcase, 12 bags and a guitar!

And this guitar is not the one that accompanied me on a Saturday afternoon on SpiceJet couple of years ago. It and it's immediate successor met with sad demises in my old residence.

But we are deviating; the focus here is on the 12 bags!

I am still trying to figure out how my luggage multiplied so quickly !

And I end up with one word – Shopping!

Weekend shopping sprees, impulsive shopping, shopping when I am bored, shopping when I go out to assist friends in shopping, Shopping when I feel like it, Shopping when I don’t feel like it…

Now, I am on a clothes donating spree, mercilessly fishing stuff out of those 12 bags and making mental allocations.

But some things are hard to let go of...

Like my old party clothes which I have accumulated thanks to my MBA theme parties and the thousand other parties I was a part of owing to the enterprise called ‘socializing’. I know I may not wear them again but they are so attractive and cost me a pretty penny, I just don’t want to give them to any random person. As a result, I am still on the outlook of someone who will appreciate them.

Then there are the thousand books I have picked up over the few years in Bangalore. Management books, biographies, gospel literature, novels, interesting magazines …all of them find their way to my table. And I hate giving away books!

I also have little things that have some sentimental value attached to it...Like the name tag of the first international conference I gave a presentation in Bangalore, the palm leaf cross I made on Palm Sunday, a beautiful wooden keychain a friend made and gifted me, A embroidered handkerchief my sister made for me.
Some many such things , no wonder my luggage looks like a combination of Barnes & Nobles and Walmart.

I am looking forward to the day when I shall be back to 3 bags.

Till that day arrives, I think I visit Lifestyle to lighten the spirit …
Copyright (c) 2009 Neha Shinde


Anonymous said...

You can do it easily. just keep some bags outside your flat.it works! i must say you got great collection of salwars ;)

Serendipity said...

:) of course! Long live therapeutic shopping!

kureekkal said...

At last I've got time to read your blogs, not bad!!!!!!!!! :) there is a brilliant writer sleeping inside you, but i think itz still sleeping :) J

Neha said...

@Serendipity -Amen to that !
@ Bijoy -Thanks man !

Neha said...

@Anonymous - wish it were as easy as that ! But it ain't :(