Thursday, October 29, 2009

An unexpected rain shower

Yesterday, we had an unexpected shower of rain in Bangalore. It was amazing ! Since the past couple of days we’ve been enjoying an incredible weather.There’s a little chill mixed with the damp air and just the right amount of freshness.

I’ve been rushing often to our rooftop cafeteria just to feel the cool breeze and watch the traffic below. I am a little concerned that the café guy might think that I am totally jobless, but it isn’t often you get such wonderful weather at this time of the year.

I love this city. With its funny idiosyncrasies, its cosmo lifestyle, cheap eateries and expensive restaurants. It's traffic...It's never-ending Traffic!
I love it's Sukh and Shanti sagars !

I love it that there is a place for everyone here no matter where you come from; I love it that there are no Thackerays here claiming it for their own. I love the young call center and IT professionals eagerly crowding Forum & Garuda malls on weekends.
I love its crosses and mains ! Its parallel roads and thousand alleys.
I am learning to love its auto drivers ! Learning ..

I love it that when you stand on MG road, you’ll hear a babble of tongues muttering at least half a dozen languages.

And I love it even more even more when it rains at unpredictable times!

copyright(c) 2009 Neha Shinde


Abhishek said...

"loving the auto drivers is a little tough job ".... and especially when they say.... 20 Rs extra... ;-)

bles said...

learning ... i cant even begin to learn to love the auto walas!!! n im missing bglre after reading ur post! simple n nice!

Neha said...

@Abhishek - I am learning to take a philosophical stance towards the whole thing ! It works !

Neha said...

@Bles- Our earlier Auto battles brings a nostalgic smile to my face .. Those were the days !

Anonymous said...

you believe or not,75% of the autos have tampered meters. even though,they don't ask you extra 20 you will end up giving that. he he.
watching traffic from cafeteria? you can see only Wine shop ;)

Neha said...

@Anonymous/Nousean - Depends which side are you facing ..You just proved the age-old adage- 'One will find what one looks for ' ;>

Anonymous said...

he he.. not really.