Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Noble Thought

Just when you thought Europe had turned over a new leaf and had given up playing practical jokes, here comes another one- Barack Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!

Not that I am complaining, It’s been a while since I accepted the indubitable fact that it’s not a perfect world. If Bill Gates can receive the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize why grudge the man his Nobel.

The unabashed sycophants that we are, we decided to meet the man himself and get his reactions on this surprise win.

Over to MS, our corrospondent at the White House…

MS: Congratulations, Mr. President. This is another notable achievement in your political career. How do you feel?

Obama: To be honest, I don’t even know how I got there. A few months ago, I was filling some forms which I thought were for a free trip to an amusement park called ‘Notably Noble’. The kids wanted to go somehwere and I figured this was a good place.The next thing I know is I get a Nobel prize ! I tell you, my staff is so careless.

But of course, my advisers tell me my official stance is, “I am deeply humbled by the decision of the Nobel committee”, about whom you must tell me more about someday.

MS: Well, anyways it worked out good for America. A lot of people think you are not a worthy recipient. What’s your take on it?

Obama: What nonsense, who is more worthy than me? I am THE orator; in fact my wife calls me orator Obama. Actually, she also calls me sugar baby , but I am not getting into that. Anyways, my speeches are just what people want to hear. In fact, I am a tad annoyed that I did not get the nobel prize for literature as well. My book ‘Audacity of Hope‘really deserves more respect that what it’s getting.

MS: Talking about your wife, what does she think?

Obama: Hehe Michelle rarely thinks. I thought she made it pretty clear by her earlier speeches. But yes she thinks we need new bed spreads and our living room lighting could do with some enhancement, not to mention the garden design. She also insists on a wardrobe change, which I think a lady has a right to. Yes, she is excited about the million dollars.

MS: After the Noble, what does Obama aspire?

Obama: The Grammy of course , you should hear me sing in the shower ! I rock, baby I rock!

Yes ...You do rock Mr. President! You rock !
Copyright(c) 2009 Neha Shinde


kureekkal said...

Good one!!!!!!!!!! Keep blogging

Neha said...

@Bijoy- Thanks man !