Thursday, September 17, 2009

Out of Office

I was recently reading a mail on funny out of office messages and it made me wonder what the OOO messages of certain celebrities would be. Take a look .....

Ramalinga Raju – Hi, I am not in office anymore. But the time I was there I had a field day taking the investors, customers & employees on a trip! I will respond to your mail after I am back, that is if you haven’t killed yourself over the falling Satyam share prices.

Anil Ambani – I am out because of some gas problem.. no no its not THAT gas, its the other thing- gasoline. I will reply once I have made a bigger fool of myself in print and on television.

Shahrukh Khan – My name is Khan and for the record, I dislike airports, especially the ones in America. Anyways, I am not in office. In case you have any ideas on how can I get media mileage over trivial issues, I might consider replying your mail.

Jaswant Singh – I am not in office and it’s not my fault. It’s the crappy management- they are just not open to new ideas, whatever happened to secularism. Anyways, for any updates please follow me to my new office in Pakistan.

Dawood Ibrahim – I am on extended business travel and have intermittent access to email. I will reply to your mail once these interpool guys are less active.

Shahid Kapoor – I am forry I am not in office. Bufy with promoting my new movie. In cafe you want more information on my new movie 'Kaminey' , please call my fecratary and fhe will affift you.

Ekta Kapoor- Kyonki I am not in office, and you have a Khwaish to get in touch with me, but its your Karam that I am not there , so requesting you to wait patiently for my reply. I will reply. Kasam Se.

Harbhajan Singh- I am in the field watching some monkeys...No , not the cricket field, I mean the khet in sadda Punjab.And the mail you sent me better be important or else my right hand might just get out of control again.

Raj Thakre - I am out making crazy speeches at a Maharashtra Navnirman Sena meeting . If you are mailing to find out our navnirman plan for the state you are wasting your time, we don't have any . However, if you have any suggetions on how to make Maharashtra ony for Marathis , I will get back to you . If you are not a marathi manoos my goons will get back anyways.

Copyright(c) 2009 Neha Shinde


Abhishek said...

ha ha ha...... REAL good one....

Anonymous said...

sooooooper,fantastic,mind blowing. tere ghar mein roti chahiye!!

courtesy:Himesh R

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Neha said...

@Abhihek , Anonymous - Glad u liked it..

meenakshi said...

Supercool...cant stop laughing....