Friday, October 29, 2010

The BIG Lesson

I have a new disgusting pass time! I watch Big Boss! Okay don’t be so judgmental, no one is perfect except Rajnikanth on screen! Yes, I am very ashamed to admit that I am addicted to this reality show and so is my flat mate, Deepthi.

Deepthi & I spend at least 30 minutes every day doing a post mortem of the show , with each giving in our opinion on each of the participants nature and behavior. To add to it all, Deepthi varies in her evaluation every day. On Monday she swears Rahul Bhat is the most genuine person on the show and on Wednesday she makes snide comments on his insensitivity. I too have been guilty of making contrary judgments on each participant.

Just set me thinking isn’t it strange how a certain incident changes our perspective and opinion. We tend to judge people by the last incident and experience. So a single good incident can wash out a series of negative actions and one single unconstructive action can undo a whole lot of good done earlier. So, essentially we are as good as our last behavior to strangers. Well, thank God for God, family & good friends who oversee the one odd faltering to continue to believe in the good in us.

If Big Boss has any lesson to teach, it’s that one should be not form opinions instantaneously! A lesson hard to learn but totally worth it!

So, with a lesson in my kitty, let the entertainment continue!!!!


Rebecca said...

Don't worry.. I follow it too! :) he he.. can't help it.

Neha said...

@Rececca- Phew ! That's a relief !

Vicky said...

Nice observation Neha...So true...:)