Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Shoania Saga !

‘So, Sania decided to walk into the sunset with Shoaib ! Big deal’, I thought as I folded the newspaper, drained my cup of coffee and headed for work.

Big deal. Two of the biggest understated words of the month if not the year. Turns out it was a big deal going by the reactions far and wide.

Pakistan welcomed it, India hated it, Ayesha complicated it, Shehrbano Rehman exploited it for her health ministry, NDTV debated it and Bal Thackeray, well he acted his usual self by condemning it just like he did North India, Sachin Tendulkar and the rest of the world.

Who would have thought a marriage would elicit so much response and emotion. Everyone from socialites to IT professional to panwalla and dhobis had their opinion on this.

A typical conversation with a group of friends went like this :

‘How dare she marry a Pakistani, Any one would have been ok but not a Pakistani’ said a friend who has a thing against our northern neighbor.

Another young male friend wistfully said” I mean couldn’t she find one guy in the whole of India? “
“I think she just used India and our facilities for her gain “roared a kurta clad patriotic friend.
A female friend spitefully said “I think she is overrated, I mean she only looks glamorous, she can’t really play you know?”

When I meekly mentioned she did win a couple of grand slams, I was given a piecing look that said ‘whose side are you on?’

Well, I am on the side that says ‘I DON”T CARE ‘.

Who cares whom she married and where she wants to stay, as long it’s not in my flat.

I think sometimes we appoint ourselves advocates and advisors to public personalities give a dozen advices on what should they ought to do.

I say, let it be, credit them with some freedom to take their own personal decisions.

Let them get on with their life and let’s get along with ours however glamous devoid it is !

It’s simpler that way, aint’t it?

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xxxtieee said...

In this subject.. i am on the side that: "Do something more weird please?!". These buggers are no use to us if they don't act funny! I think the model Katie Price (Jordan) is a genius!