Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Jackson Connection

The untimely death of the King of Pop brought varied reactions from various people of various shapes , sizes and colours. While Usher crooned, Paris cried, Brooke eulogized, Debbie squabbled over the kids and the rest of the world jammed Google with their Jackson searches, I had my own interesting experience on this. Something I am not really proud of, but then what the heck!

Here’s an excerpt of the conversation of my discovery of the star’s death:-

June 26th 2009 : Having quit my earlier firm a day before, I am relaxing and trying to unwind before I take up the baton again, when I get an sms from my colleague, Abraham in the morning saying " Jackson died, I am depressed” .I immediately rack my memory for any uncle, brother , friend, nephew ,cousin with a name Jackson that Abraham might have mentioned in our earlier conversations . Failing to recollect any such person, I tentatively dial his number to offer my condolences.

Me: Hey, hi I am really sorry about this.
Abraham: (In a choked voice): Yeah, this is not fair , why him ? So young!
Me: (Still furiously thinking) Yes, I know life is not fair. But it’s said whom the gods love die young
Abraham: (all weepy now) He sure did . I am so miserable..

All this while I am at my wit’s end trying to figure out if this was his favourite cousin ,Jack or his friend ,Jackie , after all both could be a short form for Jackson.

Me: So, aammm were you very close?
Abraham : huh ?
Me: (Now, convinced this is the cousin we are talking about) I mean you were related to him from your father’s side or mother’s side ?
Abraham: What , who me, no ..I am talking about MICHAEL JACKSON you idiot . He died yesterday!

The shade I blushed into would have put a ripe tomato to shame!

Me: (stammering) : Oh, the singer ? He died?
Abraham: (almost screaming) It’s splashed all over the place. Don’t you read the papers? Where do you live ? in a cave?
Me (Indignantly) I am on vacation!
Abraham: ( Hysterical now) You must be the only one on the planet , who doesn’t know...

And He hung up, probably to give a full vent to his grief of having to deal with someone like me and of losing his idol.

Well, * sigh *you live you learn! Here's farewell to a superstar who changed the face of music! Goodbye MJ!

Copyright (C) Neha Shinde 2009


Neo said...

too good! thank god MJ is not here to listen to this story amidst the truth behind his death... anyways he is one of the greatest ever...
RIP MJ & your GK! heheheh:)
guess what Tata Crucible 2009 is on Aug 30th, bet you win it this time :)

Xtie John said...

When I finally thought Michael jackson was truly dead - I see this post!!!! Good one :)

bles said...

made me smile! :) liked it!

Biju Mastermind, Trivandrum said...

Let's bury his body now!... and make him immortal ... that's the real concern... He will live in our hearts for ever ...

bury-dictionary meaning: dismiss from the mind; stop remembering; eg. "i tried to bury these unpleasant memories".

"You know memories are Dangerous"-

Ref.: Latest Malayalam film Ritu by shyamaprasad. Good Movie about three childhoold friends' changing life experiences with good music and nostalgic content with an IT background.

Neha said...

@Neo-Yeah ! Tata Crucible , say hello to this year's winner

Neha said...

@Xtie,Bles- Thanks :)

Neha said...

@Biju- Guess some things are beyond burying !

Ronster said...

Gud one baru :) R.I.P M.J!!! whatever minimal dancin skills i have i owe it to him...

Neha said...

@Rony- Thanks Ronu !:)