Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Accent : Fake and otherwise !

I have heard so much about accents and (fake accents at that) in the past few days that I feel, I must add my two cents to this discussion!

I believe, an accent like a dressing sense is personal.

It can be flashy, fake or funny. Or annoying!!! One can put an accent to impress, to feel good, to fit in or simply because one can't really help it.  But all things said, it is a personal thing.  I’d rather focus on the words and thoughts behind those words rather than the accent.

And yes, playing the devil’s advocate – putting on a fake accent must be quite a Herculean task.

I would love to try the drawl of the Americans or the crispness of the British or the nasal vowel of the French or the sing-song way of the Chinese. I have tried a couple of combinations at appropriate and inappropriate occasions with desirable and disastrous results!

But truth be told, I am quite happy with the amalgamation of the Marathi-Punjabi-Kannada accents, I have acquired over the years. Combine that with the Indian nod and voila! You have a winner!

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