Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When Rahul got married !

I have been disowned by my close friends! Mercilessly and ruthlessly disowned! And why ? Thou asketh... Well, in a moment of weakness I confessed to have followed the Swayambar of Rahul Mahajan!

Yes, I am ashamed and very ashamed too at the fact that I have religiously watched the Swayambar.

I personally blame Ekta Kapoor for this. I mean, why couldn’t she air more masaledar saas-bahu serials that would have prevented me from watching this self degrading program.

Anyways, it started with curiosity. When, I heard Rahul Mahajan (hereby referred to as RM) was planning a Swayambar, I was sure the applicants list wouldn’t cross 2 which included a certain Monica and Payal. However, the fact that there were a whooping 14,000 applicants made me sit up and take notice.

What boggled me is, why would anyone want to marry Rahul Mahajan in the first place? Weren’t there better ways of suffering and to top it all why do it on TV? I mean if you wanted to make a fool of yourself there were the numerous other ways- joining the MNS included.

Anyways, with such misgivings I started watching the swayambar and I must confess after its initial disappointment (it’s no match to the Rakhi Saawant swayambar) it’s a good evening time pass.

It’s both pathetic as well as hilarious watching these clueless women pretending to be head over heels in love with RM and even still funnier to watch RM trying to make conversation.

Something he never learnt in his entire 34 years of existence. And when he laughs his moronic laughter, you want to record it and use it for your next horror play.

I especially liked the episode of the elimination of one girl called Priyadarshini. I laughed my head off when I watched her exit interview. She glared into the camera with a fury which only a woman scorned can have and declared passionately “Rahul Mahajan, zindigi bhar mein kisi mard se pyar nahi kroongi” My roomie, for the first time probably understood the meaning of ROFL.

Anyways, amid the speculations of whether RM would actually marry someone or leave it at a Swayambar, he finally married the drama queen from Bengal, Dimpy Ganguly and put an evening of our entertainment to end!

Thanks Rahul Mahajan for all the entertainment and hope to see you on Emotional Atyachar soon!


Serendipity said...

I did too!! And for the life of me I couldn't understand why smart and pretty women were lining up for him!And can u imagine 3 women were having their mehendi ritual in parallel! Sheessh!

Neha said...

@Serendipity- True , I was flummoxed too.. what people do for TRPs !

Horizon said...

Good, now I know why people make such programmmes.